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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Headphones Appears in iOS App

Following the official information about the flagships of the Samsung Galaxy S20, mentions of new Samsung Galaxy Buds + wireless headphones appeared on the network. True, they were highlighted not on the official website of the manufacturer, but in the application for iOS.

The App Store does not yet have this application, but it seems to be a tool for pairing headphones with Apple devices. By the way, ordinary Galaxy Buds do not have such an application.

Here you can see the battery level in the headphones and charging case, general information and the availability of software updates.

There is also an image of Galaxy Buds +, but nothing new here: the outwardly new model is the same as the old one.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + is credited with improved autonomy, an active noise isolation system and a price of $ 150.

By the way, Galaxy Buds + will not be bundled with flagships, but Samsung will give them for free for pre-order Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Apple will pay $1,000,000 for jailbroken iPhone

At the annual Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas, Apple representatives announced the launch of an expanded reward program for vulnerabilities found in products.

Previously, the maximum reward for vulnerabilities found was $ 200,000, but now the company is ready to pay $ 1,000,000. This is the biggest award not only at Apple, but also among all technology companies.

This amount will be paid for vulnerabilities in iOS, which allow full access to the device without any physical interaction with the device. For errors found in macOS, tvOS, watchOS and iCloud, they promise up to $ 200,000. $ 500,000 can be obtained by identifying security flaws that allow hackers to gain access to user data.

To simplify the work of “white hackers”, Apple will highlight special smartphones on which some security measures are disabled. Everyone can try their hand.