Sony PS4 Slim 1TB now standard in US — Brits still paying more

The 1TB version of PS4 Slim appeared in Europe for a long time, and now Sony finally introduced it to North American territory.

Perhaps, as a reward for the patience of our transatlantic buddies, the hardness of the 1 TB hard drive is now standard, and Sony keeps the price ($ 299) just as it asked for a transient 500 GB model.

The company took part in Twitter to make the announcement, promising that the model with increased memory capacity will be available next month.

Although this is great news for gamers based in the US, this is perhaps a touch of discord for those in the UK.

At the time of writing, it’s interesting to note that the 500GB and 1TB versions of the PS4 Slim are still available to British gamers with a price disparity, which depends on which retailer you are buying.

We turned to Sony to find out if the company has a version of 500 GB, and give them an advantage in 1 TB of memory in the near future.

PlayStation UK, so we will have to assume that in the foreseeable future they will be available for 500 and 1 TB.

Your Amazon Fire TV is about to get way better

Thanks to the new update, every Amazon Fire TV device should receive a significant update: Alexa support.

Amazon has been selling Fire TV devices since 2014, and the general concept is the same. We saw how the Fire TV box and Fire Sticks are sold throughout the UK, the US, Germany and Japan with relative success, but now the platform is heavily shifted.

This week, Amazon has launched a new update for all Amazon Fire TV devices in the UK, which adds support for Alexa. This means that owners of Fire TV will be able to use a special digital assistant Amazon, controlled by voice.

This step comes when Amazon releases Alexa’s remote control. But if you do not have the luxury of such a remote control, you can still use the Alexa functions by downloading the iOS application or Android and using the built-in microphone of your smartphone.

Amazon depth sounder. Amazon depth sounder. You will be able to do all the usual things, like checking news and weather, as well as third-party services, such as ordering a Uber or organizing a takeaway through JustEat. There is also “TV”, and so on.

Moreover, Amazon constantly adds new skills to the repertoire of Alexa, which means that your Fire TV will only become smarter with time. We are just happy that we can order Domino pizza using our voices.

There’s a Galaxy S8 and S8+ with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage

Samsung confirmed that it will sell souped-up Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + smartphones with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

But now, it seems, they will be available immediately in the Korean homeland of the smartphone.

Phones that are listed on the company’s website without the price or date of the police are compared to the top 4GB / 64GB models available for pre-order in the west right now.

It is interesting that the company connects the top device with the docking station DeX.

Perhaps the company believes that more RAM and a larger embedded storage provides the best experience for users turning their smartphone into a PC?

The increased storage available in the South Korean version is not such a big deal given the capacity of 256MB microSD memory for all models, but the choice of additional RAM would be nice.

Will there be an option to get to the shores of the UK or the US, yet not seen, but recently he was seen traveling through the FCC in China.

Other than the extra RAM and storage, all of the other specs – like CPU and display resolution – remain the same.

The Galaxy S8’s Bixby button can be remapped – here’s how

Galaxy S8 marks a change in the design of the smartphone with its newly expanded screen, tiny frames and a complete lack of buttons to the physical home.

But the new functions of the phone are not limited to aesthetics, with the latest hardware packed inside this beautifully curved case, as well as several software add-ons to exceed everything.

Now one of the most recent additions is Samsung itself, to take over the digital personal assistant and rival Siri and Google Now: Bixby.

Bixby’s assistant has a lot of mental abilities, such as using the camera to find and find the best prices on the Internet for this basic database, as well as the usual useful suggestions and updates.

For those who do not want to scream some awkward phrase “Ok Google,” to understand this, Sammy added a physical Bixby button to his Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones that call the assistant with a single click.

But YouTuber Dylan Bertwell, and also as a user of Reddit Homeguy123, decided that he would prefer to use it for other purposes by Mark Brownlee (@MKBHD):

The result is shown in a YouTube video from Bertwell, which shows the physical Bixby button on the S8 used to launch Google Assistant, not for its own version of Samsung.

To be clear, Bertwell himself did not create an application for this task, as he explains in the video description: “I found a third-party application that will make the Bixby button change its function and do what you want.”

YouTuber has downloaded the free All-in-One application from the Google Play store to change the behavior of the button.

And if you’re intrigued as to how exactly this was done, there’s a full list of instructions over on XDA Developers, so when the S8 launches on April 28 in the UK (April 21 in the US), you’ll be able to follow Bertwell’s example.