The Galaxy S8’s Bixby button can be remapped – here’s how

Galaxy S8 marks a change in the design of the smartphone with its newly expanded screen, tiny frames and a complete lack of buttons to the physical home.

But the new functions of the phone are not limited to aesthetics, with the latest hardware packed inside this beautifully curved case, as well as several software add-ons to exceed everything.

Now one of the most recent additions is Samsung itself, to take over the digital personal assistant and rival Siri and Google Now: Bixby.

Bixby’s assistant has a lot of mental abilities, such as using the camera to find and find the best prices on the Internet for this basic database, as well as the usual useful suggestions and updates.

For those who do not want to scream some awkward phrase “Ok Google,” to understand this, Sammy added a physical Bixby button to his Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones that call the assistant with a single click.

But YouTuber Dylan Bertwell, and also as a user of Reddit Homeguy123, decided that he would prefer to use it for other purposes by Mark Brownlee (@MKBHD):

The result is shown in a YouTube video from Bertwell, which shows the physical Bixby button on the S8 used to launch Google Assistant, not for its own version of Samsung.

To be clear, Bertwell himself did not create an application for this task, as he explains in the video description: “I found a third-party application that will make the Bixby button change its function and do what you want.”

YouTuber has downloaded the free All-in-One application from the Google Play store to change the behavior of the button.

And if you’re intrigued as to how exactly this was done, there’s a full list of instructions over on XDA Developers, so when the S8 launches on April 28 in the UK (April 21 in the US), you’ll be able to follow Bertwell’s example.