Qualcomm announced VR-helmet with Snapdragon 845

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Qualcomm introduced the basic model of a full-featured helmet for augmented and virtual reality with Snapdragon 845 inside. The company believes that this platform will not only demonstrate the capabilities of the hardware platform, but will also become the basis for commercial devices from partners. In Qualcomm assure: announcements of such devices are coming soon.

Earlier this year, several companies introduced helmets based on Snapdragon 835, including HTC and Lenovo. Devays received a generally positive feedback, but the new VR-headset will be even better. Snapdragon 845, which also includes an accelerator Adreno 630 and a coprocessor Hexagon 685, is 30% more efficient in graphics and at the same time consumes almost one third less energy. The latter is extremely important, because the helmets with this chip are autonomous, they do not connect to anything wires.

The Qualcomm reference headset with the built-in six-degree gyroscope, cameras and hardware environment re-creation system (SLAM) supports the technology Roomscale. It allows without installing additional modules around to determine the location of the owner and his movement around the room.

VR-шлем от Qualcomm

An important innovation of the new VR platform based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is Adreno Foveation technology. It thanks to the tracking of the view allows you to display the best quality image in the place where the user looks, redistributing the resources of the graphics accelerator.

Qualcomm said that the new hardware reference platform has already been tested with Daydream. However, this does not mean its binding to Google, chipmaker is ready to help other partners who want to optimize their VR and AR-environment for a new chip.

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