Replacement of Android Pay on Google Pay started

The Google Pay app has replaced the accustomed many Android Pay in the store. On the upcoming rebranding of the proprietary system of contactless payments, the search engine announced at the beginning of the year. Also part of the updated product will be the service Wallet, launched in 2011, but never received popularity.

Reasons for rebranding are unknown, although evil tongues can be suspected by the search engine in the banal copying of Apple. After all, Google Pay is very similar to Apple Pay, and the logos of both systems contain icons directly associated with the names of companies. However, it is more likely that Google just wanted to unbind the payment service ideologically from one operating system. Perhaps the company will try to integrate it into the Chrome OS or even unannounced products.

Логотип Google Pay

Despite the rebranding, the design of the application has remained the same. On the functionality in general, too, no change. Google Pay is a service that allows you to pay for purchases with a smartphone with an NFC module to a compatible terminal. In this case, not the data of a tied card, but a special code is transmitted to the terminal, which provides an additional security measure.