Qualcomm announced LTE-modem with download speed up to 2 Gbps

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Qualcomm introduced LTE-modem Snapdragon X24 with support for LTE Cat. 20, 5CA and MIMO 4 × 4. The main achievement of the novelty will be the maximum download speed of data, increased to 2 Gbps.
This is a serious increase compared to the actual 1.2 Gbps that Snapdragon X20 can provide. This modem is integrated into the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, which will become the heart of many flagships in 2018. That is, we will see the X24 already in the top mobile GPU of 2019, the hypothetical Snapdragon 855. It can be announced this year, Qualcomm tries to hold such presentations earlier to provide an ideological advantage over possible competitors. The modem will be produced on a 7-nm process, most likely Snapdragon 855 too.

Qualcomm already works on the 5G-modem, the first devices with which can be released already in 2019. It is unlikely that they will be massive, because operators must prepare and create networks of a new generation, close in scope with the current LTE-networks. So the release of Snapdragon X24 next year does not seem strange.

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