Apple Watch saved the life of its owner

Apple pays great attention to the capabilities of its smart watches to track physical fitness and health. Currently, the company is working with Stanford University to study the irregular heart rhythms of the watch’s owners and their ability to predict heart problems. Apple CEO -Tim Cook himself gets up early in the morning to exercise before the start of the day and he loves to promote this or that health-related feature of Apple gadgets.

As one user recently found out, all this is not just a marketing move. Lawyer Scott Kilian, in addition to his main activity, was still engaged in boxing in his spare time. In his 50 years, he underwent a course of training and metabolic stress tests for a total of several tens of thousands of dollars. As a result, he was recognized as a healthy person in a sportive manner. However, his smart clock was considered differently. One night, Scott went to sleep with his Apple Watch on his arm, which he uses to track sleep patterns.

Shortly after midnight, the clock warned him that his heart rate had jumped to a too high for resting rate of 121 beats per minute against the usual 49 beats per minute. He did not feel ill, except for an easy digestive problem, but the exclusivity of this event prompted him to make a trip to the hospital. Doctors removed the electrocardiogram and found no abnormal rhythms, but when they took the blood for analysis, the samples showed an increased amount of enzymes indicating a progressive heart attack.

Further studies showed four almost occluded arteries, which required urgent surgical intervention. If Apple Watch did not warn Scott about the abnormal behavior of his heart that night, he might die in a dream, says his doctor. Moreover, such situations would be repeated from time to time, which sooner or later would end with an attack.

This story reminds once again that a smart watch can and should be used to maintain physical fitness and health.