Huawei MateBook D (2018) – a wonderful laptop, which is much better than the MacBook

Huawei is not only engaged in the production of smartphones and various network equipment, but also the creation of excellent laptops. Today, she once again proved that she knows as well as Apple how to create real cool ultrabooks in a stylish metal case. A few hours ago, the official announcement of the model MateBook D (2018) was held, which is equipped with the latest technology, and yet it can boast of a remarkable design.

The MateBook D notebook (2018) is equipped with a 15.6-inch IPS-screen with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (Full HD) with a brightness of 350 nits and a 45-percent coverage of the NTSC color gamut, an Intel Core i5-8250U (8 generation), 8 GB of RAM, a Nvidia MX150 graphics card, as well as a 43.3W rechargeable battery that provides battery life for the entire device at 8.5 hours in medium load mode (when the screen is running).

Otherwise, the MateBook D (2018) has one USB 2.0 connector, one HDMI port supporting 4K @ 60fps, and two USB 3.0 ports for connecting hard drives and other peripherals. In addition, this device can boast support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac networks in the frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The thickness of the metal case with such a powerful technical equipment is only 16.9 mm.

Buy a new laptop from Huawei customers in the coming days in China in three different versions, which differ from each other processor and the amount of built-in flash memory. The Chinese corporation offers three configurations to choose from:

The model with Intel Core i5 and 256 GB SSD – $ 795
Model with Intel Core i5, 128 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD – $ 839
The model with Intel Core i7, 128 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD – $ 1020
At such prices, this laptop feels much more profitable than the same Apple MacBook Pro 15 (2017). It costs almost half as much, but at the same time offers full-fledged USB connectors, that is, there is no need for adapters, and also a more versatile Windows 10 Pro operating system, which is installed directly out of the box. Obviously, for the ardent haters of Apple products, the wonderful ultrabook MateBook D (2018) can be an excellent option for buying.

Apple released iOS 11.2.1 with camera error correction

A week after the release of iOS 11.2, Apple released a new version of iOS 11.2.1, resulting in bug fixes for the owners of the iPhone and iPad. The update is now available and users probably should not postpone its installation. Among the bug fixes is the solution of one particularly large bug, which may not generally affect you at the moment, but it may be that it is at the most inopportune time it will declare itself.

The release of iOS 11.2 brought for some users an error that touched the camera of Apple devices. After the upgrade, some users reported that their iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X got problems with camera focus.

Users report that the update of iOS 11.2 caused an error in which the lens constantly “hunts” – that is, moves back and forth – without actually focusing on the object. This problem is especially unpleasant, considering how many people preferred the iPhone to other devices because of its excellent camera.

Today’s update, iOS 11.2.1, solves many of the problems that arose in iOS 11, including a bug with camera autofocus. In the notes to the release of the update, Apple does not mention the camera error at all, but users who have encountered the problem now report that it disappeared after the update.

In addition to this, as indicated in the update update list, iOS 11.2.1 also fixes an issue in which remote access to the Home application has been difficult. The aforementioned changes are supplemented by a number of other less noticeable corrections.

How can I install iOS 11.2.1 on my own? Go to Settings> General> Software Update.

Apple Watch saved the life of its owner

Apple pays great attention to the capabilities of its smart watches to track physical fitness and health. Currently, the company is working with Stanford University to study the irregular heart rhythms of the watch’s owners and their ability to predict heart problems. Apple CEO -Tim Cook himself gets up early in the morning to exercise before the start of the day and he loves to promote this or that health-related feature of Apple gadgets.

As one user recently found out, all this is not just a marketing move. Lawyer Scott Kilian, in addition to his main activity, was still engaged in boxing in his spare time. In his 50 years, he underwent a course of training and metabolic stress tests for a total of several tens of thousands of dollars. As a result, he was recognized as a healthy person in a sportive manner. However, his smart clock was considered differently. One night, Scott went to sleep with his Apple Watch on his arm, which he uses to track sleep patterns.

Shortly after midnight, the clock warned him that his heart rate had jumped to a too high for resting rate of 121 beats per minute against the usual 49 beats per minute. He did not feel ill, except for an easy digestive problem, but the exclusivity of this event prompted him to make a trip to the hospital. Doctors removed the electrocardiogram and found no abnormal rhythms, but when they took the blood for analysis, the samples showed an increased amount of enzymes indicating a progressive heart attack.

Further studies showed four almost occluded arteries, which required urgent surgical intervention. If Apple Watch did not warn Scott about the abnormal behavior of his heart that night, he might die in a dream, says his doctor. Moreover, such situations would be repeated from time to time, which sooner or later would end with an attack.

This story reminds once again that a smart watch can and should be used to maintain physical fitness and health.

Xiaomi tests wireless charging for the flagship Mi 7

Wireless charging appeared in smartphones for a long time, but only after the release of the new iPhone, Chinese manufacturers drew attention to this technology. Xiaomi was no exception – the company has already launched a test production of new charging modules for the next flagship model Xiaomi Mi 7.

What is known?

According to the source, Xiaomi successfully tested wireless charging and is about to start mass production of the component before the Chinese New Year (February 16). The company works with the same vendor that produces modules for Apple. By the way, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have a flat NXP receiver coil, and Broadcom chip is responsible for charge control.

More recently, Xiaomi has joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which is promoting the open wireless charging standard Qi. It is most often found in mobile devices, although Samsung smartphones also support PMA technology (works by the same inductive method, but uses a different frequency).

When to expect?

According to rumors, the official announcement of Xiaomi Mi 7 will be held in March-April 2018. Smartphone with frameless design will receive a top-end processor Snapdragon 845, but the new system of face recognition is unlikely to have time to prepare for the release of the flagship.