OnePlus 5 battery life set for major improvement – report

Good news! OnePlus 5 owners may be about to get a significant boost to battery life thanks to a newly rumoured software update.

Another day, another OnePlus 5 software update – at least according to a French tech blog that claims OnePlus is cooking up a seriously tasty upgrade for owners of the company’s last flagship smartphone.

In a new blog post, French outlet Frandroid claims that OnePlus is hoping to improve battery life for the OnePlus 5. The claim is that the OnePlus 5 will soon be capable of achieving seven hours of screen-on time, while consuming just 50% of the battery charge. To do this, the company is reportedly making adjustments to the kernel – the bit of software that manages all the components in your device – to give better autonomy to the phone battery.

The article notes that one possible solution would be the integration of Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS), a power management system that lets the kernel take better advantage of multi-core architectures. An example of that would be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the OnePlus 5 chipset that is built based on ARM’s multi-core big.LITTLE design.

With EAS, the OnePlus 5 would be able to better manage the different cores of the processor and distribute computing tasks accordingly, assigning processes to high-power or low-power cores dependant on the requirement.

EAS has already been implemented on the Google Pixel phones, as Google added ARM’s EAS system to the Android 3.18 kernel last summer – that’s the version Pixel phones use. Google also added it to kernel 4.4 in June this year, which is the kernel version used by the OnePlus 5.

According to Frandroid, the new version of OnePlus’ OxygenOS should be available in the coming weeks, although it admits that there may be delays if bugs emerge.

The bad news is that there’s no way of verifying this information, since OnePlus hasn’t made any official statements on the matter. Given that the article’s source is anonymous, we’d recommend taking this leak with due caution until we get official word from OnePlus about such an update.